Special grooming tools and groomer knowledge

I obsessively research tools, including shampoos and dryers.  In my free time, I talk to other groomers online to get product reviews and suggestions. Skilled groomers help each other. We LOVE to learn!

When I groom a cat, I might blow shedding fur off using a high-powered cool-air dryer.  I might opt for a less powerful warm-air dryer for old or skinny cats.

I might use a degreasing shampoo for cats who tend to be oily. I might use a gentle, hypo-allergenic shampoo for cats who are lucky enough to have a coat that doesn’t get greasy.

These are just two of the decisions I make when I groom a cat.  I make a lot of choices for each cat, because cats aren’t clones, at least not yet!

These are a few of the books and DVD’s I own. I treasure my library of grooming and cat behavior books & DVDs.  Groomers can always learn more!