Get my cat groomed once a month? Are you crazy?

Cats padded into our homes only about 50 years ago. Until then, in most of the world and much of the United States, the majority of cats lived outdoors.  That’s still the way it is for many cats.  Here in the United States, opinions about where cats should live have changed.  Today, quite a few Americans fervently believe that cats belong in the home.

Now we have to learn to live together.  Judging by the number of cats who get returned to shelters, this is not a done deal. We’re still figuring it out.

What’s the ideal grooming schedule for a long or medium haired cat? Once  a month. Why? If I groom a cat once a month, I get to know the cat.  I figure out how the cat likes to be held. We develop a relationship. Mats don’t get a chance to form. Shed fur doesn’t get  a chance to turn into a cotton ball.  All is right with the world. Plus, it’s just plain practical to take care of problems before they become problems. Do you wait until there’s no oil in your car before you change the oil? When you did do that — we’ve all done stupid things —  didn’t you regret it?

Okay, maybe you’re thinking that naturally a groomer would think this way.  I don’t care if you groom your cat or I do.  Seriously. There are plenty of cats left over for me to groom. NYC does not suffer from a shortage of felines.  If you decide to start combing your cat every day, as one of my clients did, I will be happy. When an owner does a great job of combing, I only need to visit a couple of times a year to do the more complicated stuff like bathing or shaving the belly.

Medium and long-haired cats do shed. They do get matted. That’s reality. Ignoring reality usually means spending more money in the end, or feeling more stress and guilt.  I like to feel relaxed.  I bet you do too.  I suggest monthly grooming sessions for your cat unless you’re going to comb them every day.  Happy holidays!