Butt shaves for kitties

I’m going to get special visitors due to this headline, but a butt is a butt.

Some kitties get messy. When long-haired cats drag a poopy rear around your home, you get an unsanitary situation. Kitty isn’t thrilled to be messy.  We want our cats to be happy, happy, happy, so let’s help them out.

Owners can usually manage to clean kitty’s rear with paper towels or pet wet wipes.  I suggest you do that as soon as possible for the sake of your home’s hygiene. If you wait for a groomer, you might wind up waiting too long, because groomers don’t always have appointments. So dive in and give it a shot!

What I can do is shave or trim the fur in the nether region. Shaving takes about 30 seconds, so not a big deal time-wise. Cats generally don’t want anyone messing with the rear, but this is so quick that they get over it fast.  Just have me over every so often to shave. You’ll never have to deal with poopy-bottom syndrome again. Woo hoo!