Scared To Microchip Your Cat?


When I worked in animal shelters and veterinary clinics, I microchipped many cats.

How long does it take to implant the microchip?  10 seconds at most.

How big is the microchip? See x-ray above. It’s a little bigger than a grain of rice.

Does the cat need to be sedated? Definitely not!

Does it hurt the cat?  When I microchipped cats, they didn’t react at all. Maybe they were being stoic, but my guess is at most it might feel like getting a shot, but more likely, there’s no discomfort.

Where does the microchip go? It goes just under the skin in the shoulder area. It is NOT shot into the blood stream or into a muscle.

Is it expensive? No. It is affordable.

Why should I do it? If an individual finds your cat, they can bring it to a veterinarian or to a shelter to have the chip scanned.  Chips are not a foolproof way of identifying your cat. The person scanning may miss the chip when they scan; the chip may have moved for some reason; or the scanner may not match the brand of chip. Still, it’s better than nothing. When the chip is found, the shelter or veterinary clinic or individual will be able to contact you so you can pick up your cat. Keep in mind that many cats who wind up in a shelter are going to curl up in a ball or hide at the back of the cage. The cat may become aggressive out of fear,making it hard to handle them. For you to call a shelter and expect them to identify your cat based on appearance is unrealistic.

My cats have always been chipped.