The PERFECT Cat Diet

The day we figure out the PERFECT Cat Diet is the day that there is only one type of cat in the world. It is the day that each cat is the same age, the same breed and the same activity level.

That day will never come, so we muddle along with our Purina and Halo and Weruva and Raw Food and Home-Cooked, and whatever else our feverish minds can think up.

Consider the Black-Footed Cat.  This adorable killer is the smallest cat in the world.  They eat whatever they can catch, from bugs to bunnies.  They like to eat spiders. When I look at the ingredients in premium cat food, one ingredient I have yet to see is spiders.

The Black-Footed Cat looks like a house cat.

Black-footed cat

By the way, this awww-worthy cat gives birth to kittens who would make a monster weep with tenderness.