Grooming. A Career Offering a Way Up & Out.


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Fair warning . . . this is a rant. I’m normally an even-tempered person, but even someone as chilled out as I am can get worked up once in a while.

Grooming is one of the last professions allowing a poor but highly motivated person to create a satisfying career, without needing to go into thousands of dollars of debt. It’s one of the last professions that doesn’t require a college degree.  It’s one of the last professions that’s not hog-tied by local and federal government regulations. Once the regulators get involved, corporations gain an advantage because they have enough staff and funding to jump through government hoops. So far that hasn’t happened to grooming, but if you look at what’s happening to nail salons in New York City, you’ll see that owner-operated grooming services may be the next target of the journalism school grads and bureaucrats who destroy the dreams of entrepreneurial women.

Many women have hauled themselves out of of dire financial straits, supported disabled spouses, raised children, and supported elderly parents through grooming.  If they had to go to college or a government-approved program to be a groomer, they’d be on welfare.

I went to college, but I can appreciate the fact that for many people, college isn’t a way up and out. It’s a way down into a debt hole.

Grooming is one of the most feminist professions around, though most groomers are too busy taking care of business to care about labeling themselves as a this or a that.

People talk a lot about STEM jobs.  Maybe they should be talking about FUR jobs.

Rant over.