We Grossly Overfeed Our Cats

Obese cat euthanized due to inability to move.
Napoleon weighed 25 lbs. He could not stand up due to his obesity. He was euthanized. His Canadian owner was charged with neglect.

How many calories in a mouse? from DVM360’s website.

Average calories in a piece of dry food:  2-3

Average calories in a mouse: 30-35

10 pieces of dry food = 1 mouse

Cat’s diet in wild = 8 mice to 10 mice

So 80 to 100 pieces of high-quality dry food is about the right amount to feed a cat, depending on the cat’s age and activity level, but you don’t feed it all at one time. You can parcel it out during the day, assuming you’re home.

Of course we overfeed our cats. We overfeed ourselves too.

When I groom a fat cat, I am saddened by the way careless affection damages an animal’s life, rendering him unable to groom himself, walk comfortably, climb stairs and in general live normally. Overfeeding isn’t love. A very fat cat isn’t cute.  This is called neglect, even if the overfeeding was done with the best of intentions. The poor cat pays a high price for having an owner who confuses food with love.