Handling Cats is a Skill

Cat sitter holding a cat
Holding a sweet cat. It’s all in a day’s work.

The owner looked at me with a dazed expression.

“How did you do that? I can’t hold on to her for more than a minute before she starts to wiggle.”

Mallow, a young white and calico cat, sat on the floor thoughtfully licking her front paw.  She looked about as cute as a cat can look, and that’s pretty cute.

“It’s not hard,” I said.  “She’s sweet,” I added.

“I couldn’t do it,” the owner replied.

“Sure you could,” I said, but even as I said it, I realized that perhaps he could not do it.

Occasionally I forget that I have been working with pets for over ten years.  I have worked in kennels, veterinary clinics, salons, zoos, shelters and private homes.  Practice anything long enough and you become better at it than people who do not practice.  I have practiced holding on to furry little creatures for so long that I have become better at it than other people. That’s why professions exist, so that people who practice a task more than other people can offer their services.

This system works out rather well!

Published by Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming

I groom cats in your own home. I do everthing needed for a soft, clean cat. Claw trims to prevent painful scratches and damaged furniture. Brushing to prevent furballs and matting. Rear-end trims to keep things clean after the litter box visit. Baths for soft, shiny fur. Clients praise my calm, gentle yet firm attitude. Cat sitting visits last 1/2 hour. Daily photo, fresh food and water, playtime, cuddles. A true "cat nanny".