Should you use Yelp to choose a groomer?

I have a few reviews on Yelp.  The reviews help clients to trust me.  Yelp reviews can make a business successful. Reviews are  a high-stakes game.  Should you use Yelp reviews to choose a groomer?

Yes and no.

I read reviews to get a feel for a business.  I don’t trust reviews 100%.

What do you get when you hire a groomer who has tons of positive reviews?  You get a groomer who actively promotes their business on social media.  You get a PR-savvy groomer.  Are they better than other groomers with no presence on Yelp? No.

Why? People get other people to write fake reviews. Friends and family are called into service to write up the business. Clients are “encouraged” with freebies or discounts.

I know excellent, caring dog groomers who have zero Yelp presence. People who depend on Yelp instead of doing independent research will never find them.  They’ll find groomers who are “Yelp”-savvy.

This article describes massive fraud among Amazon’s reviews.  My bet is that Yelp is just as susceptible to fraud. I’m writing this as someone with good reviews.  I just believe that websites and conversations are more important than Yelp reviews when it comes to finding a groomer.