Hairball season

Fur from brushing a cat
This is why I brush my short-haired cat every day. Hairballs decrease.

Cats usually shed more when the days become longer or shorter.  If they lick shed fur, they can wind up vomiting hairballs. Vomiting is uncomfortable for kitty. Remember the last time you vomited? It felt bad, didn’t it? If the hairball is deep in the intestine, it can even become lodged there.

Brush your cat gently but throughly as often as you can.

If your cat has already vomited up a furball, try giving kitty Petromalt (available in fish, chicken or malt flavor) to ease the furballs out without the need for vomiting.

Cat runs away when I wear certain scents. Don’t wear perfume when grooming a new cat.

I applied some “Sweet Melon” hand cream a few minutes ago. My cat Emma, who had been comfortably lounging on the table in front of me, jumped up and walked away. I’d never seen such a strong reaction to a scent!  I put my hands close to her to see if it was indeed the scent that was pushing her away. She moved away from my hands.

Scents can make a big impression on cats. I don’t wear scents when I groom.

It makes sense to me that cats might hate some scents. People hate some scents. Cats have noses. People have noses.

Should you use Yelp to choose a groomer?

I have a few reviews on Yelp.  The reviews help clients to trust me.  Yelp reviews can make a business successful. Reviews are  a high-stakes game.  Should you use Yelp reviews to choose a groomer?

Yes and no.

I read reviews to get a feel for a business.  I don’t trust reviews 100%.

What do you get when you hire a groomer who has tons of positive reviews?  You get a groomer who actively promotes their business on social media.  You get a PR-savvy groomer.  Are they better than other groomers with no presence on Yelp? No.

Why? People get other people to write fake reviews. Friends and family are called into service to write up the business. Clients are “encouraged” with freebies or discounts.

I know excellent, caring dog groomers who have zero Yelp presence. People who depend on Yelp instead of doing independent research will never find them.  They’ll find groomers who are “Yelp”-savvy.

This article describes massive fraud among Amazon’s reviews.  My bet is that Yelp is just as susceptible to fraud. I’m writing this as someone with good reviews.  I just believe that websites and conversations are more important than Yelp reviews when it comes to finding a groomer.

“I can’t pick up my cat. My cat is too wiggly.”

Try the “football” hold.

Tuck the cat’s body into your waist, with your forearm pressed against your cat’s torso and your hand under his chest. If your cat wiggles, use your other hand to hold on to the loose fur around his scruff (back of his neck).  I call this the “football” hold because it reminds me of the way football players hold the ball when they’re running down the field.