3 Common Myths about Cat Grooming

Before I became a cat groomer, I believed these myths.  Even though I’d worked as a veterinary nurse, shelter manager, emergency rescue tech, kennel staff and more, I believed that . . .

Myth #1

All cats hate baths.

Nope. Luckily for me, since my life’s work is GIVING BATHS TO CATS, most cats are fine with baths. It’s the blow-drying that scares the bejeezus out of them.

Myth #2

Cat groom themselves.

Nope.  After shaving down more than a few matted long-haired, and even matted short-haired cats, I can honestly say that a big bunch of cats never got the memo that they’re supposed to be able to groom themselves.

Myth #3

You don’t need to trim cat claws. They wear them down using scratching posts.

Nope. Using a scratching post sharpens the claws. Sharpening is the opposite of trimming!

Should you have a groomer trim your cat’s claws ?

Claw trimmer and cat's claw
This is the claw trimmer I use. The cat in this photo is on my lap. She is a relaxed cat.

Here are some things to think about.

Are you a calm, patient person?

Does your body tense up when you hold your cat?

Are you a quiet person, or do you use a loud voice at home?

Are you willing to try different ways of holding your cat?

Are you willing to trim the claws in a piecemeal fashion, a few claws every now and then?

Does your cat lay still for claw trims?

Does your cat wiggle just a bit or is your cat a major wiggler?

Does your cat hiss, scratch and even bite during claw trim attempts?

Do you have a condition that makes being scratched more of a concern, such as a blood condition or susceptibility to infection?