Annual vaccinations for cats. Stop using them as an excuse to get clients in the door!

Emma doing what cats do.
Emma doing what cats do.

Veterinarians, stop playing games with us. We love you for your hard work, dedication, and eagerness to look at fecal samples, but please, stop it.

Cat owners see through the ruse.  Annual vaccinations for an adult cat who has never seen a tree up close, let alone set a paw outside the door of an apartment building?  Annual vax’s for an adult cat who will never in her life meet another cat, let alone face a rabid raccoon?

I’m not a hater. I don’t think veterinarians do this out of greed. I know some veterinarians who are GREAT! My theory is that some vets trot out the annual vax story because cat owners don’t want to bring their cat in for a check up.  The vet figures the annual vaccination rule at least gives her a chance to look at the cat.  Cats hide pain.  Love can be blind. Love won’t always see hair loss, bulging bellies, red ears, red eyes, ingrown claws, bulbous lumps under the skin . . .  The vet will see what you don’t want to admit is happening. He’ll say, “You know, your cat weighs 21 pounds and can’t walk more than two feet.” He’ll say, “You tell me your cat is drinking water like it’s going out of style.  She might be diabetic. We can get her on insulin.”

If we take our cats to the vet for check ups every so often, vets won’t feel they need to tell stories to get us in the door.

I like this article about trends in vaccinations in the Veterinary Practice News.