Having a cat improves your physical and mental health?

Truth, based on measurable results? Or well-intentioned marketing?

Based on what I see during my visits, cat ownership relaxes some owners and seems to improve their life. For other owners, a cat can become a source of anxiety. If the owner doesn’t have the time, the money or the patience to care for their cat, how can having a cat improve their owner’s health?

From Health News Review — A health news watchdog site.

Unsupportable ‘cat therapy’ stories score high on cuteness but low on quality, even though many of us probably don’t care….(and have never heard of the word zoonoses)

Key point:

“Even though Cat People like me are totally predisposed to believe the hypotheses, these stories do very little to scientifically underpin the cat-owning health claims, tease out the conflicts of interests at stake, or critically examine the evidence.”