Cat shedding. What to do.

Cats shed more in the spring. Generally a true statement. Maine Coons shed enough fur to make another Maine Coon.

Based on observation . . .

Most common place for largest mats — along the side of body.

Most common place for smaller mats — behind ears, under chin.

Tools to use: rakes, metal combs, slicker brushes, and other tools reaching to the skin, not just skimming surface.

How often to comb/brush: Daily until shedding season is over.

How to know when shedding season is over: Less fur removed than during previous brushings/combings.

For your de-shedding toolkit . . . many types of rakes and slicker brushes will work.

To buy:

Rake: Evolution W6110 Grooming Undercoat Rake with Rotating Teeth, Double Row

Slicker brush: Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Slicker Wire Brush for Cats

But wait, there's more!
But wait, there’s more!