Does washing your cat reduce allergens?

Should allergic cat owners get their cats washed?

Lots of reasons to get a cat groomed, but allergies aren’t one of them, at least according to this one study.

Fel d 1 is a major cat allergen.

“This study shows that Fel d 1 levels on the skin are dramatically higher on the facial area than chest. This anatomical variation is concordant with the levels of Fel d 1 found on fur. Washing reduces levels of major allergen on cat skin and fur, but the accumulation on skin is restored within 2 days.”

Allergy, 2000 Jun;55(6):570-3.

What I get from this — if you’re allergic to cats, can’t hurt to wipe their face with a slightly damp towel once a day. May even help.

So why have your cat groomed if grooming doesn’t help with allergies? Mats. Shedding. Oily skin. Dirt from litter box. If you’re like me, your cat lives on your body, like a furry parasite. I prefer clean, fluffy parasites.

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