Very fat cats. Try to help them lose weight.

“I’m busy.” “I don’t know how to do it.” “She cries if I don’t give her more food.” “She’s lonely and the food makes her feel better.” “She’s cute this way.” “Losing weight can be dangerous.”

Trying to help your very fat cat lose weight is easier and less costly than the injections, veterinary visits, grooming sessions, oral medications and sadness you’ll experience as severe obesity takes its toll on your cat. I’m not talking about a chubby cat or even a fat cat. I’m talking about very fat cats who waddle instead of walk. They can’t jump. They can’t play. Humans have dominion over the world. Besides which, we buy the kibble. Surely we can figure out a way to help the pussy cat lose weight.  That stuff inside our head is called a brain. We can use it to do cool stuff like help our pets. Just takes perseverance and creativity.