If you were a cat, what type of cat would you be?

Hmmnnn. Fun test of the imagination.

Let’s see.

I would be a Domestic Short Hair (DSH) mixed breed. My mix would be 1/4 Japanese Bobtail, 3/4 Siberian. Why this mix? My mother was half Japanese, half American. My father was born and bred in North Dakota, which is our version of Siberia.

I love this description of the Japanese Bobtail.

“It has no mind to hunt for rats and mice but just wants to be carried and stroked by women.” 

Dr. Engelbert Kaempfer

Wait, is that a cat he’s talking about or my last boyfriend?(Just joking!)

Rats? I don't catch rats! Gross!
Rats? I don’t catch rats! Disgusting!

This is a Siberian cat. Can’t you imagine him in the fields of North Dakota?

Next flight to Miami?
Next flight to Miami?

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