Combing cats. Secret grooming technique below.

Why are you afraid to brush your cat? Come on now. Put on your big-girl panties. Put on your big-boy boxers.  Do it, because it’s your job. Plain and simple. It’s your job. So do it.

Pretend your hand is a great, big, furry paw. Plunk that paw down across your cat’s shoulders. Comb and brush your cat, starting with the neck, working your way back. Most cats don’t like it when you mess around with their rear, so save that for last. Comb and brush vigorously.  Don’t use that hoity-toity Furminator. Use a comb and a slicker brush, like a patriotic American!

Don’t get angry. Don’t get frustrated. Just “git ‘er done.”

Be a proud, strong momma tiger. Be a proud, strong daddy lion. Rawrrrrr!

(Or call me and I’ll do it.)


Do it like you mean it.
Do it like you mean it.

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