Cat are low-maintenance . . . Not!

Humans like to think of cats as low-maintenance pets. After all, you don’t need to walk them. 

In reality, as opposed to our human-oriented fantasy, cats are not at all low-maintenance.

Like dogs, many cats crave attention. They want to be petted. They want to sleep with you. 

Like dogs, many cats want active play-time. They want to chase fake birds, leap in the air to capture strings, and jump around on scratching posts.

Like dogs, many cats need to be groomed at least every three months. Their claws grow so long that they can get snagged on furniture or on you. Their fur gets matted and just plain dirty. The dead coat that they’ve shedded turns into a heavy blanket. 

What’s tricky about cats is that you can live with them for years and still not know ANY of this. The dirty, dead fur clumps onto the other fur. Over time the coat may look duller, but who really notices that? You start to think that having shedding fur all over the house is natural. You stop expecting your cat to smell good.

You think that your cat is relaxed. After all, she sleeps all day. That’s not just relaxation. That’s a boredom coma. Remember going to class after lunch, listening to a dull teacher drone on and on? That’s how your cat feels. BORED.

When you come home after a 12-hour day, your cat no longer greets you. Ah, you think, she is in her favorite hiding place. In fact, she’s most likely given up on you.  After years of no toys, no scratching post, no brushing, why on earth should she leap to attention when you come home?

Cats are more like dogs than we think.





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