Love and dried-out cat food

I’ve noticed that some of the cat owners I talk to are confused. These are the owners who have one scratching post (purchased in 2003 and left in a corner, festooned with the original catnip from 2003), wet food turning to concrete on a plate, and a litter box that is best left undescribed. The last time they played with, or brushed, their cat was when the cat was a cute little kitten. Now their cat is ten years old, fat, and bored stiff.
Yet the owners rhapsodize about their love for their cat and express horror when I suggest bathing the cat.
If a child were dirty, fed dried out food, and given no stimulation of any kind, would you think that child was loved? A cat is not a child, and a child is not a cat, but still . . . some basic level of care is a good idea.

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