Love is action, not smiles and talk.

Love is action.

Love is taking actions that improve the life of the one you love. Love is thinking about what will help THEM.  That’s a tough one to swallow.

Humans LOVE to talk. Americans LOVE to smile.  We are smiley, talky people.:)

We think that smiling + talking = affection. Yes, they do — to other humans born in the U.S.

Not to your cat. Not even to your cat who was born in the U.S. of A.

If you want to smile, coo and praise your cat because it feels good to you, that’s sweet. While you’re doing that, pick up the toy and play some games with your cat. Pick up the brush and get rid of their shedding fur. Wash out their bowl and litter box. Make sure they have scratching posts.

We feel good when we talk, smile and coo at a cute animal. That’s self-love, not love of the animal. Love is action directed TOWARD the well-being of the one you love. Not so much fun when you think about it that way,  ha ha!

Giving love to Shanna
Love is playing with a piece of string




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I groom cats in your own home. I do everthing needed for a soft, clean cat. Claw trims to prevent painful scratches and damaged furniture. Brushing to prevent furballs and matting. Rear-end trims to keep things clean after the litter box visit. Baths for soft, shiny fur. Clients praise my calm, gentle yet firm attitude. Cat sitting visits last 1/2 hour. Daily photo, fresh food and water, playtime, cuddles. A true "cat nanny".

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