If you could be happy & healthy without . . .

Health and comfort
Health and comfort

If you could be happy and healthy without hurting animals, why wouldn’t you?

When I visit an animal shelter, walk by the animal research center at The Rockefeller University or drive by a factory farm in Indiana, I wonder why my life is worth so much and the lives of billions of animals are worth nothing.  Why does only my happiness matter? What makes me so special that I deserve to have so many animals killed on my behalf? I don’t get it.

When I groom a cat, I see that they like certain things and dislike others. Each cat is different.  Their own life is important to them. If they’re lucky, their life is also important to their human.  To me, grooming is part of health care. It’s not just cosmetic. I could care less if the cat looks better, even though yes, the cat will look better. My goal is to help the cat be  clean and comfortable.  They can’t get all their dead fur out without some help, so I help them. They can’t clean all the hard to reach spots.  A lot of felines get matted up. They need our help.

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