The Rabies Vaccine for Indoor Cats

Common sense says, “My cat never goes outside. Why vaccinate?”

Common sense also says, “Vaccinating against a fatal disease is a good idea.”

If I am bitten by a client’s cat and have to go to the emergency room, I will be told to fill out a form.

The bite will be reported to the health department.

The owner will be asked for proof of rabies vaccination.

New York state law requires cats to be vaccinated.

From “What Pet Owners Need to Know About Rabies Vaccinations in New York State” (HealthNY.Gov)

“If your pet bites a person and you wish to avoid euthanizing and testing it for rabies, it must be confined and observed for ten days.”

“In New York City, ten-day observation periods may be done at the home of the pet owner, regardless of the animal’s rabies vaccination status.”

“If your dog, cat or domesticated ferret is not vaccinated, is not up-to-date on its vaccinations, or is not properly confined after biting someone, as the owner you shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $200 for each offense. Additional fines may apply locally.”

Rabies – New York State Department of Health: Guidance Regarding 10-Day Confinement of Animals for Rabies Exposure

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