Review of “The Cat Grooming Guide” by Sam Kohl

The Cat Grooming Guide

Rating: 4 stars (****)

Brief overview of basic cat grooming in a salon setting. Easy to read. Seems to be most suitable for beginners who are exploring cat grooming, or for professional groomers who are interested in quickly reading about a slightly different approach.  Not suitable for those who want specific techniques explored in detail.

The drawings charmed me. If you are looking for photographs of techniques or of cats, this will not be a satisfactory book for you.

Sam Kohl covers cat handling, bathing, brushing, de-matting, drying, breeds, and the cat grooming business, among other topics. Each topic is allotted 3-8 paragraphs. Much of the book consists of drawings. He does not go into the specifics of how to do a “lion cut,” nor does he discuss clippers.

Pro: Emphasizes protective gear and safe handling.

Con: Repetitive material.

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