Parents with alzheimers & their cats

If your parent has alzheimers, please check on their cat during each visit. If you don’t live nearby, ask the caretaker to check on the cat.

This may seem like too much to ask. You may be exhausted, both emotionally and physically. Still, I ask you to do this for the sake of the pet who your parent loves.

Here is a true story about what can happen.

A woman with Alzheimers wanted to clean her cat, so she used Chlorox bleach on the cat’s privates.  Her intentions were good.  She meant no harm.

A parent with Alzheimers (or any other serious illness) should not be expected to make logical and safe decisions about cat care.  It is simply not realistic.

This is a tough situation.  All one can do is act in the way that the parent would have wanted you to act, if s/he had full cognitive function.


Review of “The Cat Grooming Guide” by Sam Kohl

The Cat Grooming Guide

Rating: 4 stars (****)

Brief overview of basic cat grooming in a salon setting. Easy to read. Seems to be most suitable for beginners who are exploring cat grooming, or for professional groomers who are interested in quickly reading about a slightly different approach.  Not suitable for those who want specific techniques explored in detail.

The drawings charmed me. If you are looking for photographs of techniques or of cats, this will not be a satisfactory book for you.

Sam Kohl covers cat handling, bathing, brushing, de-matting, drying, breeds, and the cat grooming business, among other topics. Each topic is allotted 3-8 paragraphs. Much of the book consists of drawings. He does not go into the specifics of how to do a “lion cut,” nor does he discuss clippers.

Pro: Emphasizes protective gear and safe handling.

Con: Repetitive material.

DVD Review: “The Purr-fect Bath for Persians & Longhairs”

Rating: 4 stars (****)

Summary:  Thorough demonstration of home-bathing a Persian cat using many products.

Price: $24.95

This DVD shows award-winning breeder of Persians Laura Thomas washing her Persian cat in a double sink with a spray nozzle. For the degreasing and bath she uses an entire can of Goop, Kenic Sno-Flake shampoo, baby shampoo (human), EZ Groom Oatmeal Medicated shampoo, diluted vinegar, Tresemme Hot Oil Treatment, and lastly, texturizer spray. Wow!  That’s some bath!

She also discusses different coat types (Dilute, etc.).

Her cat is docile, so this video is not for those seeking handling techniques.

Bonus clips include a brief demo of claw trimming, drying, product overview, and a segment promoting Laura Thomas’s book about her faith (Christian). The audio and video are good. It is easy to hear and see what is going on.  Her voice is pleasant.

Bathing Persians & Longhairs
Bathing Persians & Longhairs

Cat Groomers are health-care providers. Choose a groomer as you would choose a veterinarian.

Cat groomers use tools for restraint, shaving, trimming, washing and drying. Each tool, if used correctly, helps make grooming a faster and safer experience for your cat.  Handled incorrectly, these same tools can hurt your pet.  Use the same care in choosing a groomer that you use when choosing a veterinarian.

Does your groomer know that cat skin is thinner than dog skin? Does your groomer know that while dogs pant frequently, cats rarely do so unless stressed?  Does your groomer know that using a “groomer’s loop” on a cat can be dangerous? Does your groomer know that Acepromazine does not reduce fear; it just disables the cat temporarily while heightening their perception of noise?

Grooming is part of your cat’s health care.  Choose wisely.  Groom often.

Review: “Towel Wrap Techniques for Handling Cats with Skill and Ease” by Dr. Sophia Yin

Spiffy Kitty Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)

Notes: Useful for groomers, but much more useful for veterinary technicians.

Summary:  If you have the book “Low Stress Handling, Restraint, and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats” you may not want to spend money on this new DVD. There is not that much new material in this DVD.  If you don’t have the book, this is a worthwhile investment, and costs far less than the book did.

Dr. Yin's helpful DVD
Dr. Yin’s helpful DVD

I pre-ordered Dr. Yin’s DVD with a feeling of excitement. The description stated that this DVD is for groomers, as well as for veterinarians, owners, shelter managers and so on.  Cat groomers face an intense challenge. Each cat grooming session is an opportunity to make a contribution to the health and well-being of an animal.  However, cat groomers run the daily risk of a cat bite that could send us to the hospital. Some cat groomers have dropped out of the profession from fear of injury or due to a bad experience. Safe handling techniques are crucial!

Dr. Yin is a veterinarian with a Master’s in Animal Science.  She is breaking ground with her focus on low-stress techniques for both cats and dogs.

What I loved about the DVD:  Dr. Yin demonstrates each toweling technique, then we watch students attempting to wrap the cats. Lastly, we are able to follow along with the DVD as we try to wrap our own cat at home. Her teaching method is clear and thorough. The DVD is well-produced with good audio and visuals.

After viewing the DVD, I towel-wrapped one of today’s clients, a very large and grumpy cat.

Towel-wrapping helped protect me and the cat. It works!

Price: if pre-ordered, the price is $55.20. After the pre-order period, the price will be $69.00.

Length: 65 minutes