Cat Groomer not Car Mechanic

If you watch a cat groomer at work, you will notice something interesting.  Your cat is not a car!  Unlike a car mechanic, cat groomers work with animals who have distinct and strong personalities. Each cat is different. 

I’m amused when owners say, very confidently, “Give my cat a lion trim.” A lion trim is not just a haircut.

Shaving most of a cat’s body is a BIG FRICKIN’ DEAL for the cat!  Let me repeat. It is a BIG FRICKIN’ DEAL for the cat. (So I only do it when there are health benefits or the cat has been shown to enjoy having a lion trim.)

House call cat grooming allows me to take into account the cat’s personality. That doesn’t mean the cat is going to love being groomed, but it allows for a more personal experience.

Published by Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming

I groom cats in your own home. I do everthing needed for a soft, clean cat. Claw trims to prevent painful scratches and damaged furniture. Brushing to prevent furballs and matting. Rear-end trims to keep things clean after the litter box visit. Baths for soft, shiny fur. Clients praise my calm, gentle yet firm attitude. Cat sitting visits last 1/2 hour. Daily photo, fresh food and water, playtime, cuddles. A true "cat nanny".

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