Grooming a cat with a cold

Cats who spend time in shelters can get a little sick. You’ll see runny eyes and nose, lethargy, all the signs of a cold.

Bringing a cat home is so exciting! We want to do everything for them right away! It’s beautiful that owners want to help their cat be clean and comfortable.

Grooming is a whole-body experience. I handle the cat’s whole body, not just the fur. As humans, that’s a hard concept to grasp. We think of grooming as superficial, dealing with the surface of the body. In fact, I clean the ears, trim the claws, rub the skin and vigorously wash the body. Blow drying involved drying the whole body. It’s physical work for both me and the cat. It’s a workout!

For a cat with a cold, is a workout the best remedy? Probably not.

I recommend waiting at least two weeks before grooming a newly-adopted shelter cat.  Of course, if mats or dirt cover the cat, we must help them immediately. Otherwise, I strongly recommend waiting. You are at the start of an important relationship. Get off on the right paw.


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